Ayushki Centre—Since 2005

Population: 144 million.
Approx. 15,000 children ‘age out’ or leave orphanages each year—usually at the age of 16 or 17. With nowhere to go, many of these children end up on the streets.


A place to belong and grow

The Auyshki Centre is providing daily care for an average of 55 children, from young preschoolers through to older teenagers. Each child receives one-on-one care and a programme suited to them.

We have been working in Kostroma, Russia since 2005, and on Boxing Day 2009, we had the joy of seeing the centre officially opened. The centre assists children who don't meet the criteria to live in a state orphanage or who are already part of the orphanage system. Because of the support provided some children have been able to return to family members. We've also helped hundreds with eye-care and glasses, and hold annual camps for children in extreme need who otherwise would not have the opportunity.

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