Casa Kiwi—Since 2004

Population: 19.7 million.
For the 12 months from July 2016 to June 2017, from Data supplied by Romanian authorities (ANPDCA), 9,614 children were abandoned by their parents.


House of joy reaches out

This past financial year we’ve seen 4 adoptions from Casa Kiwi and welcomed 12 new infants into our foster care programme.

This is where Orphans Aid International started. In 2004 after hearing about the thousands of children languishing in Romania's institutions and changes that were happening in the Transylvanian region at that time, Fundatia Casa Kiwi was established. Casa Kiwi is a home for abandoned and orphaned children—and is now also providing a fostering programme and assistance to prevent children from being abandoned.

Since Casa Kiwi started in 2004 it has provided a loving home to 92 children and 55 of them have been adopted to a permanent family. Casa kiwi has featured on three documentaries screened on New Zealand's TV One and is continuing to shelter and care for children in need.

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