ASHA Neketon—Since 2007

Population: 1.342 billion.
India has 31 million orphans.* This is the highest number of orphans of any country in the world. *Based on data from Unicef.


Hundreds cared for, but many waiting and at risk

In 12 locations across the greater Kolkata area our team reaches out and cares for approx. 843 children every day with food, education and medical help.

These children are homeless, outcasts and those in the slum areas. Many of these children are orphaned and all have huge needs. Without this lifeline many of these children would simply not survive. We are going beyond survivial and helping them to thrive—particularly in the areas where we have been able to assist with educational needs.

However, more children are being presented to us in the area than we currently can provide for. Our partners help where they can but sadly bypass many to help those we are already committed to.

The needs in India are massive and hard to take in. To me it seems most desperate and extreme. I continue to be amazed at the efforts of those who work to rescue those living in a daily hell.
— Sue van Schreven, Co-Founder & CEO

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