Imuka Family Strengthening Project—Since 2014

Population: 41.5 million.
It is estimated Uganda has 2.5 million orphans. Of those 1.2 million are orphaned by AIDS. Source: Unicef


Imuka helping families thrive in Uganda

This last year we’ve seen 18 small business grants given out after 26 individuals received training. 

2014 saw the beginning of the Imuka (Rise Up) family strengthening project in Uganda. The team works tirelessly to see families facing extreme hardship enabled to stay together—giving them a much-needed alternative to abandoning or placing their children in residential care. Going beyond providing emergency assistance, parents participate in a range of classes alongside an early learning and monitoring programme for their young children.

They also take part in entrepreneurial skills training leading to the start of small businesses and employment equipping them to provide for their families long-term. Ongoing follow-up and mentoring continues throughout a family’s journey to stand on their own.

Approximately 50 families are enrolled in the programme at any given time.

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