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Following Ceausescu’s dictatorship, which ended in 1989, the world saw the plight of thousands of orphaned and neglected Romanian children. Orphans Aid International became involved in 2004 through the establishment of ‘Casa Kiwi’. The problems may not be as widely publicised as in 1989, but the neglect of these children that live in Romanian hospitals and institutions is still just as real today. In many ways the need to help is more urgent as many wish to believe the problem has gone away. Therefore, few resources are being provided to address the poverty and abandonment of children. The situation has now extended to the next generation.

Rescuing the Abandoned

Rescue Report: Romania

Our first project and largest commitment is a home for orphaned and abandoned children in Targu Mures, Romania – known as Casa Kiwi. The building and almost all of the project costs have been funded by New Zealander’s. This home was featured in 2008, 2010 and 2012 on New Zealands TV One in the documentary "Someone, Somewhere Loves Me" directed by film maker Rob Harley. The documentary showed the distress and abuse of the children living in the hospitals who have been abandoned. Due to their neglect, the children will develop disabilities and show serious signs of behavioural and developmental disorders. There are no other homes like ours in the region and we are providing a lifeline for children who are victims of their unfortunate circumstances. We are rescuing children from the hospitals and other extreme situations and placing them in our home or other homes.

Casa Kiwi home not only houses orphaned children, but it also oversees a foster programme, a prevention programme, and it helps families with essentials such as food, heating and clothing. Casa Kiwi also facilitates adoptions to Romanian families - Romania currently does not allow adoptions outside of the country. We have had the joy of seeing many children adopted into loving families within Romania. On our trips to Romania we have been able to visit children that we first met as infants, who are now with their new parents!

• Opened in 2004 with over 70 abandoned children placed in loving families
• Hundreds helped with surgery, gifts and food
• Casa Kiwi one of only a few foundations facilitating adoptions in Romania

• Has respect and influence with local Romanian authorities
• Received funding from the EU and  other supporters  for a major renovation of the original building. This was completed July 2014 and has increased the capacity of the home tremendously. 

We have also partnered with other foundations and provided emergency help, including food and surgery costs, in other places in Romania. This has also included caring for a wide base of children, living in institutions, at Christmas.

This project relies heavily on much needed regular sponsorships.

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Stefi Micliuc

Administrative Director Casa Kiwi - Romania

" We brought Alina [not real name] a two year old girl from a hospital in Tarnaveni to be here with us at Kiwi House of Joy. It was quite exciting because we were waiting for her for a few months already until she turned two years old. We'll take her to a neuro-psichologic specialist to examine her. We'll give her all the love, care and everything she'll need in order to recover this sad part of her life. WE want to say a BIG THANK YOU for all those who contribute for this to be possible. Seeing Alina we can say that it's worthwhile to do everything possible to rescue this little "angels" and give them a new life and destiny. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for all at Orphans Aid International and to all who support this amazing work. Without you this wouldn't be possible."

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