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150 million orphans need our help!

New Zealand

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150 Million Orphans Need Our Help!

We exist to bring relief and care for as many of these children as we are able. But we can’t do it alone.
We need your help of sponsorship and donations for our projects around the world.

Join with us to see the abandoned rescued.

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Current Projects

  • Baroque House In Trebic

    Aotearoa | Christchurch Earthquake

    "On the 22nd of February 2011 Christchurch experienced an earthquake of such violence that it stole from us the lives of dozens of people, and dramatically altered the lives of tens of thousands more. All who were caught up in that earthquake, all who have seen the images and read the stories, have been horrified by it its scale and by its callous disregard for so much that we held dear. It felled buildings, destroyed roads, caused terrible injuries and tore up the very earth we walk upon. It has left scars that will never be erased from our land, or from our hearts." John Key, New Zealand Prime Minister.


  • Baroque House In Trebic

    Romania | Romania's Forgotten

    Following Ceausescu’s dictatorship, which ended in 1989, the world saw the plight of thousands of orphaned and neglected Romanian children. Orphans Aid International became involved in 2004 through the establishment of ‘Casa Kiwi’. The problems may not be as widely publicised as in 1989, but the neglect of these children that live in Romanian hospitals and institutions is still just as real today. In many ways the need to help is more urgent as many wish to believe the problem has gone away. Therefore, few resources are being provided to address the poverty and abandonment of children. The situation has now extended to the next generation.


  • Baroque House In Trebic

    Russia | The Auyshki Centre

    We have been working in Kostroma, Russia since 2005, and on Boxing Day 2009, we had the joy of seeing the centre officially opened. The Auyshki Centre is providing daily care for more than 20 children. The centre assists children who don't meet the criteria to live in a state orphanage or who are already part of the orphanage system.


  • Baroque House In Trebic

    India | ASHA Neketon

    If you have seen the movie Slumdog Millionaire you've seen the face of the children we serve in Kolkata, India. Since 2007 we have been funding a food and basic medical programme for children that live in the gutters, pavements and rubbish piles of Kolkata. These children are surviving because of practical help given to them via supporters providing the bare necessities such as rice and plastic sheets to sleep under.


  • Baroque House In Trebic

    Uganda | Orphans in Extreme Poverty

    Every 10 seconds, an African child loses a parent due to AIDS. There are currently an estimated 53.6 million orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa. Of those orphans, 15.2 million have lost one or both parents to the AIDS epidemic. In 2011 Sue van Schreven (founder of Orphans Aid International) travelled to Uganda with her son Ben to investigate further how we could help rescue and restore forgotten children.


Latest News updates

An Easter To Remember

Sue van Schreven - Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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• Bhutan school, transforming a community

• Two more children in Romania

• Remember Sorina?

Picture: The early stages of the school build have begun in Northern India.
It's going to be some months before we can begin the teaching but we're on our way. Hopefully the foundations will be well in place before the monsoon rains come. A community of Bhutanese refugees will be given a future that seemed impossible, the school will be built at the Bhutan border.
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