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Without regular fundraising events and activities we’d be struggling to provide for children every week. Fundraising can be on a very small scale or a major event. When we first started Orphans Aid International, we survived on sausage sizzle fundraising alone for about 6 months! This was very important as we so needed the funds – and still do!

Now, however we need an army of people who can come up with original well thought through ideas and carry them out in their local communities. There are 150 million orphans who need all of our help!

Stuck for ideas?

We’ve had some great successful fundraising events, they’ve included...

Garage Sales, Chocolate Sales, Cake Stalls, a Charity Ball, Charity Auctions, Several Concerts, a Banquet, Street Appeals, Stalls at local A&P Shows, Quiz Nights, Movie Nights, Girls Night Out, Cup Cake Sales, a Church Fair, Donations in lieu of Wedding Gifts and Birthday Gifts, Sheep Manure Sales, Clothing Drives, Art Exhibitions with Sales to OAI, Raffles, Sponsored Events eg: Marathons, Jewellery Party Sales and Tupperware Party Sales... yes and I can’t forget the Sausage Sizzles!

We also have some wonderful supporters who fundraise regularly, one man makes soup every Saturday and sells it to his church every Sunday. Another lady has a garage sale regularly.

"Fundraising is a wonderful way to help as you not only raise valuable funds, but you also raise awareness for the cause and tell others about our work – which is invaluable!" 

We’re only limited by our imagination. Can you pull a few friends together, brain storm, come up with some great ideas and have fun raising some funds to support the rescue of abandoned children?

We’d love to hear your ideas and for you to run them by us so we know what is happening and can vouch for you in the event of someone asking us about it. Thank you for wanting to help in this way.

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We'll help you Fundraise!

We’ll even help you with promotional materials!

We have a range of items, from balloons to flyers to help you help the cause. Let us know what you need using the form, and also let us know your delivery details. We won't always have everything available, as resources are limited. You can also choose to make a donation to help cover some of the cost of printing, postage and our administration. There is no obligation to make a donation, as we simply really appreciate your wanting to help!

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Participating in an event? Fundraise online!

Did you know that at the London Marathon in 2006 participants raised over 41.5 million pounds for charity?

Some types of fundraising benefit from Online Fundraising and Social Media to get the word out to your friends, family and work mates about what you are doing. In 2007, 78% of all runners raised money for charity. Now you can do it too! Raising money online using your favourite social media is a simple and effective way for you to help Orphans Aid International while you train for, and complete your event. The team at Fundraise Online have developed a great tool to help you fundraise in a social online way - and it means you don't have to worry about collecting cash. All donations made to us through your fundraiser will be automatically receipted and thanked to keep things simple - friend and family can even leave you a message with their donation. You may decide that you want to fundraise using and event, and also online so that people who can't make it or are far away can still contribute to your effort.

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Become a Regular Sponsor

Our projects rely heavily on our supporters making a commitment to a regular sponsorship. To get started, please complete a Sponsorship Form or visit our Project Pages for detailed information about each project. All sponsors will receive a donation receipt. Donations given within New Zealand may be Tax Deductible for amounts of $5 and over. 100% of sponsorships funds are sent to be used at the chosen project you designate.


Susan and Murray Hughes

Keen Wanganui Fundraisers & Supporters

" After watching the 2009 Television NZ documentary “Someone, Somewhere Loves Me” it truly inspired us to try and help. During a European holiday last year we toured Romania and were privileged to visit Casakiwi – the Romanian home established by Orphans Aid – and spend quality time with the wonderful staff and children. The lives of these orphaned children would have been very different if it had not been for Orphans Aid International. We have no doubt this is the same in the other countries OAI provide help as none have welfare systems as we have come to accept in New Zealand. We are honoured to assist in anyway we are able."

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