It’s our Christmas



We’ve seen their suffering.

This Christmas let's bring hope and life back to those whose lives have been robbed of the very basics. We’ve compiled a Wishlist of needs for December.

We’ll tick off items as the donations are received. We can make it a December that is much more than just a wish!

How it really works

1. You choose the item(s) you would like to donate funds for from the lists below.

2. You make a donation for the amount indicated through the donation page or directly to our bank account 03-1750-0349476-00. (Note: Please make sure you indicate on the donation in the comments section / reference or by contacting us and telling us which item(s) your donation is to be used for).

3. As soon as practical we send your gifts to meet the needs.

4. We tick off the items as gifts are received toward them.

5. You’ll be sent a donation receipt at the end of the tax year for tax purposes here in NZ.

Thank you!

If you are a corporate or business and would like acknowledgement of your gift for your clients or staff please contact us or to see how we can help in this way.

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India Wishlist

No. Item Cost Need Met?
1. $3 Soft toys for 1,600 children $4,800 total 😊$450 so far!
2. $5 Study kits for 1,000 children $5,000 total ✅ Yes!
3. $6 Hygiene kits for 1,600 children $9,600 total Not yet
4. $7 Small chair for 800 children $5,600 total Not yet
5. $7 Shoes for 800 children $5,600 total 😊$70 so far!
6. $8 School bags for 1,500 children $12,000 total 😊$532 so far!
7. $11 Winter clothing for 1,000 children $11,000 total Not yet
8. $17 School tables for 800 children (fits two per table) $6,800 total Not yet
9. $42 Large blackboard and stand (x55)

$2,310 total

Not yet
10. $55 Refill gas cylinders (x12) $660 total Not yet
11. $56 Badminton rackets for use at schools (x300) $16,800 total Not yet
12. $68 Teachers chairs (x55) $6,050 total Not yet
13. $140 Teachers/Doctors table (x55) $5,600 total Not yet
14. $140 Sports equipment per school (x11) $1,540 total Not yet
15. $170 Medicines for doctor at three centres $510 total Not yet

$200 Toothbrushes and toothpaste

$200 total ✅ Yes!
17. $220 New beds and bedding for shelter house (x5) $1,100 total ✅ Yes!
18. $250 Gas cylinders for cooking (x2) $500 total Not yet
19. $340 Storage cupboards/wardrobes for each school (x11)

$3,740 total

Not yet
20. $820 Computers for teachers across schools (x11)

$9,020 total

Not yet
21. $1000 per month to support work at the leprosy colony in Siliguri $12,000 total Not yet
22. $1,600 per month for children who live on the railway tracks $19,200 total Not yet
23. Training for key staff $2,500 Not yet
24. Medical help including glasses and dental $3,000 Not yet
25. Medical van for greater Kolkata area (6k already received)


Not yet
26. Medical van for serving highly populated rural villages


Not yet

Bhutan Border School Wishlist

No. Item Cost Need Met?
27. Lockable filing cabinet for school files $250 Not yet
28. Security system $4,000 Not yet
29. Completion of kitchen $13,000 Not yet

Uganda Wishlist

No. Item Cost Need Met?
30. $1 Cups (x50) $50 total ✅ Yes!
31. $2 Plates (x50) $100 total Not yet
32. $8 Nappies for Imuka daycare (x50 packs) $400 total Not yet
33. $10 Girl's hygiene packs (x50) $500 total ✅ Yes!
34. $27 Mattress (x40) $1,080 total Not yet
35. $40 Soccer balls (x5 for $8 each) $40 total ✅ Yes!
36. $75 Extra large cooking pots (x3) $225 total Not yet
37. $140 Small business development grant (x40) $5,600 total ✅ Yes!
38. Cooking utensils


✅ Yes!
39. Chairs for centre $220 Not yet
40. Teaching resource packs $200 Not yet
41. Table and chairs for counselling room $350 Not yet
42. Malaria nets (x80) and education on use $800 Not yet
43. Generator $850 Not yet
44. Desktop computer $1,000 Not yet

Training for Imuka social workers/caregivers

$1,000 Not yet

Russia Wishlist

No. Item Cost Need Met?
46. $20 Crafts and supplies for children recommended by Psychologists (x3) $60 total Not yet
47. $50 Gifts for our team to use to help orphanages in the region (x8) $400 total ✅ Yes!
48. $10 Tools for woodcarving (x12) $120 total Not yet
49. $45 Dancing shoes (x6 pairs) $270 total Not yet
50. A large mat $70 Not yet
51. A paper/card cutter guillotine $90 Not yet
52. Needs for drama/theatre including a curtain $92 Not yet
53. A microphone for performances and other uses $110 Not yet
54. Costumes for acting/drama including wigs


Not yet
55. Specialist games for the centre $210 Not yet
56. Sewing equipment/needs $480 Not yet
57. Emergency funds for families/children in crisis $1,000 ✅ Yes!
58. Training for key staff and volunteers $1,500 Not yet
59. Sports equipment and other exercise gear $3,000 Not yet
60. An outdoor playground including safety mats etc. $8,700 Not yet

A passenger vehicle (minibus) that meets new standards

$32,000 Not yet

Romania Wishlist

No. Item Cost Need Met?
62. $5 Winter gloves (x20  pairs) $100 total 😊$70 so far!
63. $5 Winter hats (x20) $100 total ✅ Yes!
64. $8 Slippers (x20 pairs) $160 total Not yet
65. $15 Sleepwear (x12) $180 total Not yet

$35 Desk lights (x5)

$175 total Not yet
67. $170 Bicycle (x2) $340 total ✅ Yes!
68. $220 Vacuum cleaner (x2) $440 total Not yet
69. Kitchen teatowels and towels $35 Not yet
70. Soup bowls for Casa Kiwi


✅ Yes!
71. Cake mixer/Food processor $70 ✅ Yes!
72. Kitchen appliances $70 ✅ Yes!
73. Bath towels $150 Not yet

Television for Casa Kiwi

$350 Not yet
75. Support in training and help to Foster Families $500 ✅ Yes!
76. Winter clothing suitable for the snow for Casa Kiwi children $700 ✅ Yes!

Emergency help for needy families during the winter/Christmas period

$2,000 ✅ Yes!

Small vehicle suitable for social work/visiting village areas and foster families

$16,000 Not yet

Other Items Wishlist

No. Item Cost Need Met?
79. $600 Annual sponsorships towards monthly running costs of each project (x30) $18,000 total Not yet
80. Funds to promote and expand our visibility in NZ and Australia $6,000 Not yet
81. Funds to enable Orphans Aid to widen the areas of influence it currently has outside of NZ (e.g. projects in other countries) $12,000 Not yet
82. Costs for Project/Country leaders to be able to meet and receive support, training and input together $16,000 Not yet

Seed Capital for an Education Scholarship fund to assist children/young adults in all our projects

$80,000 Not yet
84. $100,000 Emergency funds for unforeseen events (x2) $200,000 total Not yet

  • Please note the prices are in NZD and are approximate as they have been converted from local currencies with the exchange rates at the time.

  • Please also note it is not practical to send these items overseas to the countries we work in. The complexities around customs and local tax means this is not possible. The items will be purchased in the country where they are needed. This also means that local suppliers are helped and the items are suitable for the environment they will be used in.

Please call us on 0800 677 426 or contact us for more information

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