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Diana Noonan

Author, Artist & Orphans Aid Supporter

I support Orphans Aid International because it addresses an obvious & desperate need. It is also transparant about its operations and personal in the delivery of its reporting.

Glynis Thomson

Invercargill Sponsor since 2005

Sue and Carl have the energy, determination, organisational skills and spiritual qualities to administer our funds, and giving the money is by far the easy part! I am grateful for people like this who think bigger than I could, to make a real difference to the lives of unloved, unwanted children wherever they are. We know Orphans Aid has very good management and genuine board members. This makes it easy to support them.

We personally know Sue and Carl and are extermely appreciative of their desire to make a difference to the orphaned children. This is in countries which are not set up to give financial assistance to the very poor. Living in NZ and being a nurse, I don't take for granted the huge benefit New Zealanders have, to get free emergency health care, greatly subsidised education and welfare payments for those in unfortunate circumstances. If you need a triple bypass, this will be done at the drop of a hat, at the cost of $50,000-$80,000 per person. We are truly blessed.

Heather Newell

CFRE, MComms Foresee Communications Limited

As someone who has worked in philanthropy since 1993, I think I can confidently say that I would judge Orphan's Aid as one of the most worthy organisations which has now gained a reputation for the delivery of aid overseas. The organisation has a very clear mission, and objectives and has proved itself capable of maintaining income to sustain a regular contribution to various partner organisations overseas. I know you have a clear process and system for evaluating the capability of your overseas partners.

Henoch & Deanna Kloosterboer

Auckland Supporters since 2004

What I love about Orphans Aid is that they are willing to take on children that other aid agencies will not. Most child sponsorship charities will only support a child if he/she are primarily cared for by family/relatives/community. Orphans Aid however looks after the totally abandoned child... the child who has no one what-so-ever. Orphans Aid are willing to foot the bill for housing, medical, specialist care (many such children have delayed development, speech, social & fine motor skills), education and most of all – love and nurture. Yes, sure its a far more costly exercise to look after orphans who have no-one... but doesn't that just make it SOO much more worthwhile?!

Janine Gray

Long time Supporter

I support Orphans Aid International because I respect and greatly admire Sue with her passion to help the orphan’s of this world. The organisation is small and local. All the money I donate is sent directly to help Russian Street children as money for administration is raised separately. Keep up the good work Sue.

Project Manager

Orphans Aid International Project | India

Dear Orphans Aid International supporters. We appreciate your financial contribution to give shelter to the homeless, of the street people and orphans of Kolkata, giving medical help to the wounded ones, providing daily food to the street orphans and the homeless people of Kolkata.

Without your generous support we will not able to touch these untouched and outcast ones. Because of your financial help we are giving hope to the hopeless ones.

Rachael Sattrup

Long Time Supporter

I like to support Orphans Aid International because they care for vulnerable children who are often forgotten with no one to help them in their pain and suffering. Having been to a Romanian Orphanage in 2000, Romania is a place that is close to my heart. These children are deeply loved by God - by supporting Orphans Aid International I have the opportunity to bless and contribute to these precious children’s lives.

Sheila D. Pike

USA - Long time Supporter

I consider it an honor to be able to help support the Orphans. My passion for children is great. I have 6 children and 12 Grandchildren of my own. Helping support the Orphans is my way of staying connected with the Children who need what little I can help them with, but it comes from the bottom of my heart and with my prayers that more people will do the same. Love And Prayers always.

Stefi Micliuc

Administrative Director Casa Kiwi - Romania

We brought Alina [not real name] a two year old girl from a hospital in Tarnaveni to be here with us at Kiwi House of Joy. It was quite exciting because we were waiting for her for a few months already until she turned two years old. We'll take her to a neuro-psichologic specialist to examine her. We'll give her all the love, care and everything she'll need in order to recover this sad part of her life. WE want to say a BIG THANK YOU for all those who contribute for this to be possible. Seeing Alina we can say that it's worthwhile to do everything possible to rescue this little "angels" and give them a new life and destiny. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for all at Orphans Aid International and to all who support this amazing work. Without you this wouldn't be possible.

Susan and Murray Hughes

Keen Wanganui Fundraisers & Supporters

After watching the 2009 Television NZ documentary “Someone, Somewhere Loves Me” it truly inspired us to try and help. During a European holiday last year we toured Romania and were privileged to visit Casakiwi – the Romanian home established by Orphans Aid – and spend quality time with the wonderful staff and children. The lives of these orphaned children would have been very different if it had not been for Orphans Aid International. We have no doubt this is the same in the other countries OAI provide help as none have welfare systems as we have come to accept in New Zealand. We are honoured to assist in anyway we are able.


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Janine Gray

Long time Supporter

" I support Orphans Aid International because I respect and greatly admire Sue with her passion to help the orphan’s of this world. The organisation is small and local. All the money I donate is sent directly to help Russian Street children as money for administration is raised separately. Keep up the good work Sue."

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