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Russia: Kostroma

Russia | The Auyshki Centre

We have been working in Kostroma, Russia since 2005, and on Boxing Day 2009, we had the joy of seeing the centre officially opened. The Auyshki Centre is providing daily care for more than 20 children. The centre assists children who don't meet the criteria to live in a state orphanage or who are already part of the orphanage system.

Feeding the Forsaken 

Rescue Report: Russia

We've also helped hundreds with eye care and glasses, and hold annual camps for children in extreme need who otherwise would not have the opportunity. We've partnered with some people who have literally given the shirt off their own back in sacrifice for the cause. With extreme winter temperatures in Kostroma the centre provides alternatives for children who, out of desperation, break into buildings to avoid the harsh freezing conditions.

The youngest child currently being helped through the centre is 6 years of age and the eldest child is 15 years old. The Auyshki Centre has an amazing team of 19 volunteer staff, many of them specialists in areas of child development. Through fantastic support we have been able to purchase a 14 seater minibus for the centre (August 2012).

The centre partners with and assists:
• Children with disabilities who live at a boarding school
• Children who live in extreme need
• Children whose mothers are in prison
• Children who live in institutions and orphanages
(the orphanages do not
have enough funds to cover clothing, shoes, items of personal hygiene, basic
care such as nappies, and health specialists e.g. Optometrists and eyewear)
• Children who live in correction centres
(our psychologist works closely with
children, and staff, in a children's prison and in other institutions, to help
them live meaningful lives once they reach an age where they can leave or
are forced to leave)

We are currently working with our Russian partners to explore how we can help disadvantaged children in neighbouring village areas, with the hope of children being cared for in their own communities. Many children fall into trouble when they leave their rural communities in search of opportunities in the city.

At various times we have Russian dolls and items of interest from Kostroma for sale (e.g. Nappies made by families connected with the centre), through our office, Opshops or TradeMe store. These directly support the Russian project and have been sourced exclusively for Orphans Aid International.

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Henoch & Deanna Kloosterboer

Auckland Supporters since 2004

" What I love about Orphans Aid is that they are willing to take on children that other aid agencies will not. Most child sponsorship charities will only support a child if he/she are primarily cared for by family/relatives/community. Orphans Aid however looks after the totally abandoned child... the child who has no one what-so-ever. Orphans Aid are willing to foot the bill for housing, medical, specialist care (many such children have delayed development, speech, social & fine motor skills), education and most of all – love and nurture. Yes, sure its a far more costly exercise to look after orphans who have no-one... but doesn't that just make it SOO much more worthwhile?!"

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