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Hardship at Home

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Aotearoa | Hardship at Home

Since the start of our NZ Op Shops in 2005 we have been helping New Zealanders. Through keeping prices of our basic items such as bedding and clothing at very low prices and also providing basic items to families in need.


Welcoming Former Refugees

Orphans Aid is proud to be assisting the Red Cross to welcome former refugees to New Zealand. We understand so well what a life-changing experience it is to settle into a new home with a totally new future, especially for children. We are so pleased to be able to reach out a helping hand and salute their bravery.

Our Dunedin store has already been part of the first welcome party in April, and we are delighted to be able to support our new neighbours as they become part of the community. We will not only be assisting with basic household necessities but with opportunities for engagement and friendship. Join us in welcoming them to Aotearoa.

Combating Poverty with Generosity!

Alongside of helping NZers, we have been encouraging generosity by NZers to those in extreme need.

New Zealand is not exempt from hardship we are seeing an increasing number of families struggling with essentials.

Since late 2009 we have increased our emphasis in providing for those on our doorstep who are in difficulty. Our first “appeal” was for a 7 year old girl dying from cancer, sadly she has since passed away but we were able to provide items for fundraising and donate a days proceeds to the family.

Since then we have been providing basics for extreme needs, food, power and also some counselling.

Every week the Invercargill Op Shop has a weekly draw for a grocery hamper nominated by you the general public.  We’ve been notified of families in need this way.

Whilst NZ does not have orphanages as such, we know we can provide for individuals and families here who have fallen through the cracks.

Orphans Aid is developing a programme to suit NZ’s unique social needs.

Orphans Aid has also been involved in educating NZers to the needs of those less fortunate.  Weekly we are involved in a school programme, church or service club somewhere in our country. This area is constantly being developed.

If you are interested in helping fund any aspect of our NZ programme please contact us to discuss this further. Perhaps you can help with gifts, a practical skill or funding a social worker?

Perhaps you know some Funders or Private Trusts who are geared to combating poverty in NZ. Please let us know. There is no need for children anywhere to be suffering.

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Heather Newell

CFRE, MComms Foresee Communications Limited

" As someone who has worked in philanthropy since 1993, I think I can confidently say that I would judge Orphan's Aid as one of the most worthy organisations which has now gained a reputation for the delivery of aid overseas. The organisation has a very clear mission, and objectives and has proved itself capable of maintaining income to sustain a regular contribution to various partner organisations overseas. I know you have a clear process and system for evaluating the capability of your overseas partners."

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