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To Russia with love

  • Article from: The Sun - Blenheim & Marlborough
  • Author: Glenise Dreaver
  • Date Published: 03-Jul-2013
  • Photo credit:
  • URL:

Ruby Hunt and Andrew Brooks. Their suitcase filled not just with their own belongings, but with New Zealand souvenirs and gifts for the Russian children they will be working with.

Blenheim teenagers Ruby Hunt and Andrew Brooks, both 17, headed out yesterday bound for Russia.
The two home-schooled students are part of a team of 16 young New Zealanders working on an Orphans Aid International project.
They are going to Kostroma, 270km north of Moscow, to assist at a summer camp for 38 orphans.
The 38 children aged between five to 13 come from the Orphans Aid orphanage in Kostroma and both teenagers are agreed the need is great. Some for instance were just abandoned by their parents.
They will join the scheme’s founder Sue van Schreven on the trip and also go to the orphanage home Casa Kiwi in Romania.
Andrew has long been vitally interested in Russia and the needs of its people, and the chance to go came from church friends of his parents. Geoff and Gwenda Cavanagh.
They visited when he was out and told his parents they would sponsor him for $4000.
Grandparents and friends have helped bridge the rest of the $2000+ gap.
While he had gone to Richmond View School with Ruby, the two young Christians had not been in contact about their plans and both made the decision to go to Russia, and to learn Russian, independently.
Ruby had read Sue’s book “Rescue: Pursuit of the Ultimate Dream,” when she was fifteen, finding it inspirational.
She is not one to hang around (as her breathless arrival at the Sun on her skateboard showed) and started raising money immediately.
Over the last year alone she has raised $4000 for the scheme. Her work at New World, which is done alongside her schoolwork, has funded her trip.
Ruby has also started "Team Marlborough for Orphans Aid" hoping other will sign up to join her or donate to the cause she believes in.
You can support this work by making a donation at www.livebelowtheline.com/team/team-marlborough-for-orphans-aid

Editors Notes - Whilst all efforts are made to make sure articles have all the correct information, sometimes this is not possible and beyond our control. See notes below:
1. They are part of a team of 13 New Zealanders of mixed ages.
2. The 38 orphans are from various institutions, but are involved with the Orphans Aid International centre for vulnerable children in Kostroma.
3. Sue van Schreven is the founder of Orphans Aid International Charitable Trust - not scheme.
4. The donation page link is for Live Below the Line for Orphans Aid International. Ruby Hunt and others in Marlborough have teamed up to fundraise in this fantastic way.

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