Capital Needs

On the 5th September this year, we welcome our first 50 children to the school. This first group will be those identified as the most at need in the immediate area.

With enrolment coming fast, we need some immediate help to complete the building and make it ready for the eager children. We’ve had some incredible support so far, including some funding from the New Zealand Aid Programme, and we are just about there!

Can you help in any of these ways?

We need to paint the school!

We have received some funding towards the painting but still need to find approximately NZ$1,500 towards this.

Support the hard working staff:

1. Training of teachers and staffing during the enrolment period, and associated costs including internal travel is approximately NZ$1,200.
2. The ongoing funding of four staff; two teachers and security at NZ$450 per month.
3. Basic office set up costs, including filing cabinets, a desk, a computer etc approx. NZ$4,000.
4. Fifteen ceiling fans are still required @ $45 each, totalling NZ$675.

Feed tummies so they can fill their minds!

1. We will have 50 children to feed one full meal each school day, at NZ$225 per week.
2. The ongoing cost of food plus the cook’s salary will cost us NZ$970 each month.
3. Set up of basic kitchen for the following items will costs NZ$4,900.

(Fridge x1, Tin plates x150, Drinking glasses x150, Bowls x150, Cutlery (spoons, forks) x550, Water jugs x4, Large cooking pot x2, Serving pot x4, Large rice bowls x2, Aluminium buckets x4, Gas oven x1, Chimney x1, Cooking gas for 6 months x6, Floor mats (for eating) x10.)

Opening ceremony with local leaders.

1. The cost for this important community event will be NZ$900.


We're so excited. Let's transform lives.

We’d love to talk with you if you have any questions around these requests! Please contact us or please call us to discuss further on 0800 677 426. Thank you!

Yes! I want to help.

Thank you! To donate, please either use the Donate Now button at the top of this page, or make a Bank Deposit.

To maximise your donation, we suggest payment by Cheque / Bank Deposit, as Credit Cards incur a processing charge.

Orphans Aid International Bank Account Number: 03-1750-0349476-00
(Please write your Name in the ‘Reference’ part of deposit)

Please contact us or call us on 0800 677 426 to let us know which Capital Need you'd like your donation to be allocated to, or please write this in the comments box on the donation form or bank deposit reference.


Become a Regular Sponsor

Our projects rely heavily on our supporters making a commitment to a regular sponsorship. To get started, please complete a Sponsorship Form or visit our Project Pages for detailed information about each project. All sponsors will receive a donation receipt. Donations given within New Zealand may be Tax Deductible for amounts of $5 and over. 100% of sponsorships funds are sent to be used at the chosen project you designate.


Susan and Murray Hughes

Keen Wanganui Fundraisers & Supporters

" After watching the 2009 Television NZ documentary “Someone, Somewhere Loves Me” it truly inspired us to try and help. During a European holiday last year we toured Romania and were privileged to visit Casakiwi – the Romanian home established by Orphans Aid – and spend quality time with the wonderful staff and children. The lives of these orphaned children would have been very different if it had not been for Orphans Aid International. We have no doubt this is the same in the other countries OAI provide help as none have welfare systems as we have come to accept in New Zealand. We are honoured to assist in anyway we are able."

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