Orphans Aid International is not an adoption agency. Whilst our partner foundation in Romania organises adoption for Romanian children it is only to Romanian residents.

ICANZ Intercountry Adoption New Zealand specialises in this area. ICANZ is approved by the New Zealand government and can help you with your query.

Orphans Aid does have a volunteer who has adopted intercountry and who is happy to help with adoption questions. If you would like to speak in confidence with her please contact our office.

Adoption is a wonderful gift to a child and a family and we would encourage you to look at this option if you are in a position to do so. What an amazing way to show love to an orphaned child!


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Henoch & Deanna Kloosterboer

Auckland Supporters since 2004

" What I love about Orphans Aid is that they are willing to take on children that other aid agencies will not. Most child sponsorship charities will only support a child if he/she are primarily cared for by family/relatives/community. Orphans Aid however looks after the totally abandoned child... the child who has no one what-so-ever. Orphans Aid are willing to foot the bill for housing, medical, specialist care (many such children have delayed development, speech, social & fine motor skills), education and most of all – love and nurture. Yes, sure its a far more costly exercise to look after orphans who have no-one... but doesn't that just make it SOO much more worthwhile?!"

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