Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my money gets to where it should, how do I know its getting to the right places?

Orphans Aid International has always stated it would send 100% of funds to the project they are designated for. We have managed to achieve this although it has been difficult at times. Once a month funds are sent to the orphanage project they are designated for. Our Op Shops and Trade Me store has been a huge help in funding necessary administration. We have also received some grants and are actively pursuing others.  We also have some sponsors that have specifically specified their donations are for wages and administration costs. Of undesignated donations and other fundraising we firstly meet our commitments to our projects, and any surpluses will help assist with necessary running costs that will allow the organisation to be sustainable long term. This means if you wish to make a designated donation or set up a regular sponsorship to one of our projects we will ensure 100% of those funds get to assisting the needs of those children/project. If for some reason we cannot do this we will make contact with you. As well as where funds are spent here in New Zealand, for our overseas projects it's imperative we are involved in what is happening at an orphanage/project level. We receive regular reports from the orphanages and are involved in setting budgets and checking on the appropriateness of where funds are spent. Please see our organisational information for more information on this. As a start up charity we have tried to find specific ways to fund necessary items. So far having two vans donated, some office equipment and laptops amongst other items. Its important we invest in the future of the organisation. We wish to be around for generations to come.

Is Orphans Aid International a Registered Trust?
Yes, it is. We’ve been registered since November 2004. Please visit the New Zealand Charities Commission website for more information.

Can I send blankets / knitting or presents to the children in the orphanages?
We get a lot of requests from people wishing to donate goods for the children or needy people.  Unfortunately it is not an easy thing to freight great distances and distribute in the best way. We have had some freight donated and we’ve been grateful, we also take goods whenever we travel to visit the projects. Generally though, the freight costs more than what we could buy items for. There are also a lot of restrictions with local laws depending on the country. In the past we have spent weeks trying to get paper work completed for simple parcels to get into Romania. The best way to help is to donate items for us to sell in our Op Shops and for us to send the funds to the project concerned they can then go and buy the right item for the purposes that are needed the most. Operation Cover Up specialises in sending knitting annually to orphanages in Eastern Europe. We have passed on a lot of knitting to Operation Cover Up. We welcome knitted items in our Op shops – these sell very quickly, often to people purchasing them for Operation Cover Up!

I would really like my knitting to go to the Orphans. Can you help?
If you specifically want your knitting to go to the children, and if we have no available room, we will pass it on to another organisation such as Operation cover up. You will need to get the items to us in either Queenstown, Dunedin or Invercargill – unfortunately we cannot pick them up in other centres.

Can I work at the Orphanages?
Please see our volunteering page.

Can someone come and speak to our group about the work of Orphans Aid International?
We can arrange for someone to represent Orphans Aid International and speak to your group [date dependent]. We love being able to help in this way. Depending on where you live there may be travel costs involved and a speaking fee. Please contact us further via the contact page to enquire about your specific event.

I've seen your website, now can you please support my orphanage?
Please note that we will not respond to emails requesting help for orphans and orphanages, so do not be disappointed. We receive thousands of requests and our criteria to help a project goes well beyond the scope of an email or phone call.

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