Orphan Weekend 2017

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When: Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th November 2017
Location: Become a host to bring Orphan Weekend to your local area. Ideas below...
Event Organisers: NZ's Orphans Aid International

Thank you for your interest in the 2017 Orphan Weekend. This is a time to stop, reflect and do something practical to help those children who simply have no-one to call their own..

It’s a time when we all set aside some of our own interests to think of the orphan. It’s a time to become an advocate and a voice for those who otherwise don’t have a voice. To tell others about the cause and to grow awareness.

I would love to see activities up and down NZ that come from your ideas and your networks. We already have several underway. This is our fourth Orphan Weekend and we look forward to many more to come.

On behalf of those children who are still waiting for us, lets make it our best and most life changing Orphan weekend yet.

Sue van Schreven

Founder Orphan Weekend / Orphans Aid International.

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Got your thinking caps on? Here's some ideas for Orphans Weekend!

It may be a large event or a small event with a few friends. In whichever way you can help we are grateful.  We are already aware of a garden party/tour in Hamilton and a concert in Christchurch.

We would love to hear about your event! 

Let us know with the contact form above and share your event photos on our Facebook page!

A Garage Sale

Perhaps you would like to fundraise by holding a garage sale, gathering a few friends to pull together some great items and advertising it in the paper? You could motivate friends by showing them part or all of the Rescue Report DVD. At the garage sale you can use the balloons to advertise and tell those dropping in that you are fundraising for Orphans Aid International and have some brochures/flyers available to hand out.  After the event you can bank the dollars raised into the bank account and let us know how you got on. If we know about the event beforehand we will try and tell as many in your area beforehand through Facebook.

Host a Meal

Another idea is to host a meal or an afternoon tea in your home, charging a donation fee for Orphans Aid.  If your friends know beforehand it’s a fundraiser they can come prepared to donate. What would they pay for that special coffee and cake in a café? You show them some of the DVD and give out wristbands and brochures. You invite your friends to sign up for our free e-newsletter and send us the newsletter sign up sheet after the event.

A Bake-Sale

Perhaps a bake-sale at your workplace?  This has proved a very popular fundraiser through some businesses in Wellington.  Staff are invited to bring baking on a particular day. The baking is sold and information is given out to staff and/or customers about Orphans Aid.  Funds raised are banked direct to Orphans Aid International.  Everyone enjoys some good home baking.

A Trade Me Auction

How about a special Trade Me auction?? Is there something you own that you really don’t need and would like to donate it to Orphans Aid International. A spring declutter! Please list the item on Trade Me, let potential buyers know you are fundraising for Orphans Aid International. Share our website on the auction site: www.orphansaidinternational.org. Let us know the auction is happening if its something extra special we’ll share it in our networks. After the auction let us know how it went and bank the funds into the deposit slip provided.

Already got an event planned?

Include an Orphan Weekend spot in an event you already have planned? Perhaps a birthday party or something else you are hosting. Take 10 mins to share about Orphans Aid and ask your friends and family to make a donation. Every small and large donation really helps.

Start a Fundraising Page

Start a free fundraising page, either yourself or a group of you. Check out Everyday Hero for ideas on what you can do. Personal fundraisers through these pages have been a great help to our work.  Make Orphan Weekend the weekend you launch your fundraising drive!  www.everydayhero.co.nz

Bring Orphans Weekend to your Church or Youth Group

Are you involved in a youth group or church? Include an “Orphan Weekend” spot in your event.  Or better still hold a whole event featuring the cause of the orphan and showing the Rescue Report DVD. Many churches celebrate Orphan Sunday, make this part of your Orphan Weekend celebration. See the separate resource for Orphan Sunday ideas. Orphan Weekend is the perfect time to remember the Orphan as part of your worship.

Living near one of our Shops?

Invercargill, Dunedin, Queenstown or Hastings? Grab some friends and go shopping at our Op shops/Fair Trade shops. Take some unwanted great gear with you at the same time. You know that awesome dress in the back of your wardrobe you can’t part with!  Please donate it.

Hold a Clothing swap!

These have proven very popular and great fun. Be warned though they can get a bit crazy! This could be a small event with your best friends or a major one using a local hall. Email admin@orphansaidinternational.org for ideas to help make your clothing swap really work!

Purchase a copy of our full length documentaries, "Finding Forever Families", “Someone, Somewhere loves me “, or “The Orphan Lady” and/or a copy of Sues book “Rescue Pursuit of the Ultimate Dream” and donate them to your local library or school after you have read them.

Put on your thinking cap and enjoy Orphan Weekend, remember it’s always more blessed to give than to receive.

Download an Orphan Weekend Event Poster

Tell others about your event. Download this poster and spread it around your community. Simply download, print (on A4 or A3), then grab a vivid and write your event details on the poster!

Sue van Schreven


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